Séminars and Groups



A new vision of the seminar


Professional Groups : " living and working together " From September to May we offer professional rentals immersion "team cohesion"


Up to 15 people (5 rooms)

Treat yourself to a breakfast seminar in price in an authentic setting that will give you excellent results in terms of team cohesion : living and working together for a few days. This property keeps you in the privacy of your group and get to know you better


Meeting room on the 1st floor of the House

Dine on site : preparing them together or using a caterer

You can also go to a restaurant nearby ( regional gastronomic , pizzeria, Chinese ... )


Organize you stay together for this stay in dip!


You can also order breakfast baskets



Rate : 450 € per day ( 30 € per person ) including a night + day

"Small price for a great team cohesion "





Artists :


In response to the request of our customers, we have set up a workshop for artists.

We tried to think of all those who seek to create places: musicians, painters, sculptors, singers, designers, writers, illustrators ... The different spaces allow a group either to work together or to isolate. Thus, followers (friends, family, manager ...) can also enjoy the place without affecting the creation of artists. Do not hesitate to send us your suggestions ...



The Workshop cottage is situated on the 1st floor, and measures 60m ². 2 large windows provide a strong light, so we installed blackout curtains to work with the projector. Tables and chairs are on site, as well as places to relax.